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Important Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers Emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance): 911 Poison Control Line: 1-877-776-4766 Medical Van (during office hours): (204) 512-0860 Transportation Referral Unit: 1-877-983-0911 HealthLinks 24 Hour Nurse Help Line: 1-888-315-9257 Sioux Valley Crisis Line (after hours): (204) 512-0874 / 1-888-316-3511 […] […]

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Wellness Program Schedule

Wellness Program Schedule Anger Management Domestic Violence Grief and Loss All program delivery right now is being done in one-on-one sessions. Group sessions may be done in the fall. We are taking names for the […] […]

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Healthy Babies

Prenatal Care   As soon as possible after the delivery of your baby, please apply for the baby’s status card. The waiting list is long and this helps prevent having to pay for medication that […] […]


SVDN Dakota Diner

Oyate Mazopiya Popular among the entire community, Dakota Diner is Sioux Valley Dakota Nation’s one and only restaurant. It features great service, great food, and an affordable menu. Dakota Diner serves traditional food, as well as […] […]


SVDN Justice, FNSO & Security

Security has been part of big part of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation for decades. The First Nations Safety officers is a program launched in 2016. This program replaced the discontinued Band Constable Program. Sioux Valley […] […]


SVDN Wichozoni Center

The Wichozoni Centre is a multi-purpose community centre that is a host to many different community events in Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. It is a place to hold meetings, presentations, luncheons, fundraisers, and a variety […] […]