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Election Information

Eligible Candidates for 2016-2019 SVDN Election Eligible Candidates for Chief: Corey Mini Nominated by: Debra Ross Seconded by: Olga Wasteste Vince Tacan Nominated by: Louise Hall Seconded by: Steven Hall Neil Wanbdiska Nominated by: Russell […] […]


Sioux Valley Elementary School

TATIYOPA MAZA WAYAWA TIPI Sioux Valley Elementary School (Tatiyopa Maza Wayawa Tipi) is currently home to students in classes from Head Start to Grade 6. Some of the programs and extracurricular activities offered at Tatiyopa […]


Sioux Valley High School

CLICK HERE to read Fall 2020 School Plan Sioux Valley Dakota Nation purchased Sioux Valley High School in Brandon, Manitoba in 2011.  It is currently home to 130 students from grades 7-12. Sioux Valley High […] […]