Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Community Notice -Checkpoint Passage (04.29.21)

RE: Checkpoint Passage

Attention Oyate,

We respect and appreciate the inconveniences posed by the resurrection of the checkpoints and the community lockdown we find ourselves in.

In truth, these measures are in place to save lives. To clarify some concerns identified to date:

  1. 1)  Medically necessary appointments are permitted to continue as scheduled. Members are asked to produce an appointment slip or a providers’ note on their exit of – or entry into – community; if you have any questions regarding this process, please contact SV Health at 204-855-2690;
  2. 2)  Members are permitted to go outdoors, however, no visiting is to be occurring between households;
  3. 3)  Emergency Medical Services (i.e. ambulance services) continues to have community access in order to transport members requiring urgent or emergent medical care.
  4. 4)  If you are struggling with mental health wellness at this time, please call the SV Health Centre at 204-855-2690 or the Crisis Line at 204-512-0874.

Thank you again for doing your part to keep us all safe. Respectfully,
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Chief and Council