Community Notice – COVID-19 Emergency Hamper Program (05.11.21)

Sioux Valley Education has taken the lead on the COVID-19 EMERGENCY HAMPER PROGRAM until the end of June 2021. This hamper program is for households who are on the mandatory COVID-19 isolation list that reside in Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.

Hamper Procedures;

-Household contacts Hamper Leader, Joann Chalmers, at (204) 851-3276 regarding a hamper need.

-Hamper Leader will confirm eligibility with list provided from Sioux Valley Health. No hampers will delivered to any homes unless on the official isolation list provided from Sioux Valley Health.

-Hamper Leader will fill out the hamper form.

-Hampers are created in the morning from 9:15 until 11:00

-Hamper delivery at 11:00- 12:00, 1:00 – 2:00, and 3:00 – 4:00 Monday to Friday. 

-Last minute hamper requests are possible if the hamper form is received by 2:30PM. These hampers will be created and sent with the 3:00-4:00 delivery

Process of delivery: Vehicle will honk their horn, staff member will approach household and will leave the hamper by the front door, and resident will wait for the staff member to leave before picking up hamper. 

Please Note: 

-The hamper program staff will not enter the residence at ANY point. 

-All staff will be wearing all PPE during hamper creation and delivery.

-Dogs must be tied up or inside during the delivery time or the hamper will not be delivered.

Stay safe,

Sioux Valley Education Administration