Community Notice – Sioux Valley Education (01.13.21)

Hello students, parents, and family members, welcome to 2021 and the continuing school year of Sioux Valley Schools.

The homework drop box is available throughout the week 8am-4:45 pm and checked on a regular basis.

Teachers are continuing to contact students and parents every week to answer any questions regarding the homework of students in the Head Start/Nursery to Grade 12 schools. Please respond to teachers and share any information regarding your child’s education. Teachers can provide strategies and tips, along with your own parental strengths, that could help with your child’s learning.

We are looking at the next delivery of homework packages (all grades) and return of tablets to the students (Grades 5-6 classes).

Currently, with COVID situation the way it is, we are navigating our way through these times. We will report any important dates regarding the next homework package delivery.

We did receive more tablets for students from grade 2/3 to grade 4. We will be planning a delivery system for these tablets in the very near future. The teachers of these grades will create videos that help explain the homework packages and visually support the homework pack.

May you all stay safe and healthy.

Please, any questions, reach out to the fantastic teaching staff who are available to help.

High School Grades 9-12 Semester #1 Information

With semester #1 nearly complete, students must be finishing and handing in their course work. 

Deadlines are as follows;

January 15th – Grades 9-12 students may hand in their assignments and tests for corrections. All material handed in by this date will be marked and sent back to the students before exams. This will ensure students have a chance to learn from their mistakes and can make corrections to their work.

January 22nd – Grades 9-12 exams will be handed out in the regular packages along with all grade level packages. All work that was marked will be included in this package.

January 25th to 28th – Grades 9-12 Exam Week.

January 28th – Last day of the semester #1. All coursework such as assignments, projects, tests, etc. must be handed in on or before this day. 

January 29th – Semester #2 packages for Grades 9-12 students will be handed out. 

February 1st – Semester #2 Begins

Please ensure your child is getting the help they need by contacting the teachers. Teachers have been emailing their students with video links on the course material. It is recommended to contact teachers by email and/or by informing the homeroom teacher that their child needs help with some of the material before the end of the semester. Report cards were handed out with the previous package. Students who have not completed coursework may not earn their course credits and will have to retake the course. Again, contact the teachers to help provide the needed support for coursework. 

Note: Due to the current situation in Sioux Valley Dakota Nation in regards to COVID-19, please monitor Sioux Valley Education’s Facebook page for any date changes that may occur to ensure community safety.

Thank you,

Sioux Valley Education Administration