Community Notice – Sioux Valley Education (01.27.21)

Dear All Parents, Guardians, and Students;

In consultation with Incident Command in Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, the delivery of the next homework package will be delayed one week. This is due to community lockdown and safety concerns. 

During the delivery of school homework packages, hundreds of homes are visited. We understand the concerns parents have and are respecting these wishes. Our homework packages will be completed and placed into isolation on Monday, February 1st. Therefore, delivery is scheduled for Friday, February 5th. High School semester #1 due date for handing in all material for marking will also be changed to February 12th. We know all students will appreciate the extra time given to be working on these previous homework packages. As homework is completed, please ensure it is dropped off into the homework box. Please remember that this drop off is contactless and all material is placed into isolation before distribution to staff for marking. It is very important to hand in completed work in order for teachers to give feedback. If, by chance, your child had done 100% of the packages, please contact your child’s teacher. The teacher will be able to provide extra course material through online means only. Also teachers are available during each day to assist any student who needs assistance, please contact them as they are waiting to receive emails daily. 

Providing education in the safest way possible is our main objective. Please be safe and prayers for all community members going through tough times during the recent Covid-19 outbreak. 

Thank you,

Sioux Valley Administration