Community Notice-Sioux Valley Education-Homework Package Delivery (02.18.21)

Anpetu waste Parents, Guardians, and Students,

We are approaching another homework package delivery date.The next homework package will be delivered to your homes on Friday, February 26, 2021. Busses will be leaving the local school at 10:30 am to start delivery so, please watch for busses and staff coming around. As usual, please keep your dog(s) inside or tied up away from your door so staff can safely approach your door for delivery. (If applicable).

This delivery is the second package for semester #2 high school students. Final report cards for semester #1 will be included in these packages. Remember to contact your teachers to receive help wherever needed this semester. All teachers are available for video conferencing. Students who need help with their emails and/or getting on zoom, please let your homeroom teacher know when he/she makes their weekly contact. They can help with any issues that may have arisen. All students must use their emails to receive any correspondence and video lessons from their teachers. Due to different time tables between high school and the elementary school the dates of the packages have different start dates. You will see the dates marked on the home work packages being delivered.

The high school students will be receiving a 4 week package and the elementary students will be receiving a 3 week package. We are sending both school’s homework packages out at the same time for the ease of delivery and lessen the contact made with your home for health and safety reasons.You will see the current elementary package that your child is working on already is dated to end on March 5, and the new package being delivered is dated March 8 – 26.The high school package your student is working on currently is dated to end February 26 and the new package being delivered is to start on March 1st.

The homework drop box continues to be located in front of the Head Start Nursery/Jordan’s Principle Building. It is outside from 8:30 am until 4:45 pm. It is the upmost importance that you drop off as much completed work as you can so teachers can mark the work for the upcoming High School Report Cards. Both Sioux Valley Schools and all the staff wish to celebrate and congratulate all the hard working students that have put in so much time and effort into their school work. The turned in completed homework shows your wanting to continue moving forward with your education. Taking pride and responsibility for your education is admirable. Keep working hard ‘Future Leaders”. Keep up the hard work! We are all proud of you – From you past, present, and future educating staff.

Thank you,
Sioux Valley Education Administration