Sioux Valley Education – Policy in Weather and Road Closures (2019.12.10)

Policy In Weather & Road Closures.

1.         Sioux Valley Education plans 9+ possible closure days due to weather and road conditions.

2.         The time is made up in short lunch hours at Sioux Valley High School. Every other school takes 1 hour for lunch; Sioux Valley High School takes ½ hour for lunch all year long (16 days earned). The K-Grade 6 school site makes this time up during shortened lunch hours from November 5th to April 1st (9 days earned).

3.         If the full amount of time is not used for emergency closures, we may close earlier in June were needed. 

4.         For safety reasons, our closure policy is: -34 without wind-chill factor, -42 with wind-chill factor.  This will be determined in the morning. You can find posts of closures on our Facebook page- Sioux Valley Education and radio stations will be notified via phone call or email. 

5.         Road closures will be at the discretion of the transportation supervisor, principals, director of education, and education portfolio. Student and staff safety will be the deciding factor. 

If the closure is due to cold weather, wherever possible, Sioux Valley Education will utilize two school vans to do a provincial school run. They heat as a normal vehicle and are much safer than a school bus in extreme cold weather. If a closure is determined due to road conditions, no provincial runs will occur and our guidance counsellor will excuse their absence.

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