Sioux Valley Education School Closure (03.13.20)

Attention All Parents/ Guardians;

Manitoba Education announced the temporary closing of Manitoba schools from March 23rd to April 13th. Sioux Valley Schools have decided to be proactive and close from March 16th to April 13th. This was in response to the guidelines and recommendations set out by Manitoba Health. We are unable to accommodate these recommendations in an education setting therefore we have decided to take a more proactive approach by closure.

Homework packages will be delivered on Monday, March 16th. Parents are encouraged to work with their children to ensure that the school work is completed. If there are any questions related to the homework, please email the teacher directly. The teacher emails are below and teachers will be monitoring their emails regularly to ensure that questions are answered on a timely basis. Teachers will only be available to answer emails during regular working hours and days. spring break will be considered a regular closure and teachers will be unavailable during that time.

We will Re-evaluate closer to April 14th as to the safety of our students related to COVID-19. As always, the safety of our staff and students is our number one concern.

Thank You for understanding

Please note Graham Atkinsons CORRECT email :