SV School Christmas Hamper Donations Needed (2022.12.16)

Christmas Hamper Donations Needed

December 16, 2022

Each classroom at Sioux Valley Elementary School is now in the process of collecting items for Christmas hampers this year. The hampers will be given away in a series of draws at the Winter Solstice and Feast and Kahomni event at SVS on December 21. All community members are welcome to attend and take part. If you have non-perishable food items to donate, please send them to school with your child before December 21. Canned or pre-packaged items are welcome, and we would like to focus on the inclusion of items that have good nutritional value. Your donations would be greatly appreciated and well received. We look forward to seeing you in the SVS gymnasium at noon on Dec. 21.


Sioux Valley Elementary Staff