SVDN COVID-19 Halloween Message (2020.10.16)

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation members continue to have a significant role to play in working together to support health measures and reduce the spread of COVID-19. This information is intended to assist community members on how to participate in fall celebrations while reducing the potential spread of COVID-19.

Household members who feel unwell should not take part; if you start to feel unwell when out, return home as soon as you can.

Be aware that alternatives to trick or treating are being reviewed within the community; details will be forthcoming;

Wash or sanitize your hands frequently and maintain a minimum distance of two meters from people who aren’t in your immediate Tiwahe/residence.

For extra protection, have kids wear a real mask instead of a costume mask; or under their mask if it doesn’t impact their ability to breathe.

If you want to have trick-or-treaters, leave your lights on so your neighbours know you are comfortable having kids come to your door for candy.

Some additional tips for those opting to provide candy:

Do not hand out candy if you are feeling unwell or isolating.

Wear a non-medical mask

Maintain a safe distance from others

If weather allows, consider handing treats outside from your driveway

Do not place a candy bowl outside – instead, make packaged candy bags and space them out on a table or blanket;

Consider constructing a slide or chute to dispense candy – now is the time for creativity so let’s get creative!  

Christopher Hersak RN BN

Director / Dakota Oyate Lodge