SVDN Dakota Genealogy Project – Phase 2 (2022.07-08.19-19)

In 2021 SVDN started Phase 1 of the Dakota Genealogy Project. During Phase 1, 33 families completed their family tree.

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is continuing with Phase 2 of the Genealogy Project. Our goal is to complete as many family trees as possible.

This work will be done through July and August of 2022.

Genealogy is the study of families, family history, and the tracing of lineages. This work is important to our maintaining our identity and our Dakota kinship connections.

Through funding secured through the Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination

Discussion Table, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is pursing projects important to our lands, culture and heritage.

Our objectives for this project are:

Connecting and engaging of Dakota community to conduct research and build capacity.

The gathering, creating, preserving, and sharing of historical knowledge.

Our goals for this project are:

Building the capacity of our people to conduct this research, including proper record storage and management for the future generations, and

Through this project, bring together intergenerational families and community to know their relatives and to understand and record our oral history.

The following dates are open in July, 2022:

July 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 2022.

The August dates ae as follows:

August 1- 19, 2022.

We encourage families to sign up and complete their family tree.

If you would like to sign up, please contact 204-855-2760 to arrange an appointment or you can call Bonnie Alston at 204-724-7433.

We will continue taking any additional information such as dates of birth and death, Dakota names etc., to record on the family trees.