SVDN NDTR Volunteer Notice (2022.09.28)

The purpose of this notice is to locate volunteers for the events planned for Sioux Valley’s Truth & Reconciliation Day on September 30th that is planned at the Brandon Residential School Site!  

We will need people to volunteer for the registration table, security, snacks & drinks table, elder support, youth activities, parking and the majority of volunteers will be needed for when the walk is taking place from ~2:00 to 4:30.  If you could please let me know if you can help, if you have a preference of where you would like to help and if you can help from 9 am to 1pm , 1pm to 5pm or all day that would be appreciated.  There will be honorariums available for volunteers.

Tricia Hayward, Director IRID
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation
Phone: 204-855-2760
Cell: 204-851-1792