SIOUX VALLEY DAKOTA NATION IS SEEKING BIDS FOR “ELECTORAL OFFICER” for the 2021 Sioux Valley Dakota Nation General Election with voting taking place October 21, 2021. 

All bids for the Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Electoral Officer must be submitted by July 23, 2021 at 4:30 pm in a sealed envelope (with required documentation) to the SVDN Intergovernmental Relations and Implementation Department.  The 2021 SVDN General Election will be for the positions of (1) one Chief and (5) five Councillors. 

Criteria for SVDO Electoral Officer shall be as follows: 

  • Completed at minimum, a Grade 12 high school program and/or received a Grade 12 high school diploma;
  • Has “no criminal record” or pending charges of a criminal nature as defined herein, and as certified on a Canadian Police Information Report (CPIC);
  • Successfully complete a drug test with negative results; 
  • Does not conduct any business with SVDO;
  • Has no vested interest in the outcome of the Election;
  • Is not the current Chief or a Councillor;
  • Is at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • Has experience in the conduct of Elections or has received appropriate training.

The SVDO Electoral Officer will have the responsibility for conducting pre-Election, Election, and post-Election procedures.

The successful applicant will be informed in writing.  

Please call 204-855-2760 if you have any questions.