SVDN Volunteer Opportunity – Comprehensive Community Plan-Committee Team Members (02.22.21)

Three community members from the following groups are required to join the Comprehensive Community Planning Team.

  • Youth
  • Adult 
  • Elder

A Community team member is responsible for providing feedback and communication from the community group that they are selected for representing in the development and implementation of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Comprehensive Community Plan through assisting in the culmination of information, data, and responses to a variety of formats of information gathering processes from their community group. 

Volunteer Duties

  • Assist in the continued development and implementation of a Comprehensive Community Plan for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. 
  • Engage with members in a variety of manners and formats on health, social issues, culture, education, lands and resources, economic development, and Band governance or any other issues as brought forward
  • Consultation with community members, family, elders and community groups, to understand and enlist guidance from the community. and relay it to the coordinator, planning teams and committee to ensure the input is properly reflected in the plan
  • Support engagement activities such as facilitating, planning, phoning community members, creating notices.
  • Document meetings and interviews with community members.
  • Participate in and organize events & meetings of various sizes and for different ages


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Computer skills, including desktop publishing and social media effective relationships with stakeholder groups

Volunteer Conditions

  • Approximately 8hr to 16hr per month
  • Some travel required.
  • Ability to attend and assistant in conducting presentations.

Term: March 15, 2021 – March 31, 2022

Interested applicants should complete the attached application and email to:

You can also fill out the application here: