SVEA Fall 2020 School Plan (2020.08.18)

Gooday everyone,

After careful consideration with health and safety in mind and listening to health professionals, three options were created of how school would look this year. The School Committee and teaching staff were given the opportunity to weigh in on the three options. The three options were given to Chief and

Council and after consideration they recommended the third plan be implemented to start this school year. *The three plans that were created are attached below.

The third plan is starting the year with homework packages. Due to the uptick of Covid 19 cases in our area, this plan has the safety of all in mind. Currently, we do not have a case of Covid 19 on reserve, or in the school, and we would like to keep it that way.

A four week homework package will be created for all students from Head Start Nursery to grade 6.

The four week homework package will focus on literacy and Numeracy. We will have a way to gather up homework packages for marking (grade 1-6). This will be announced after October 1. The work will be assessed and recorded for reporting periods. The work will be held unopen for a period of a few days to ensure no Covid 19 virus is present on the homework pages. Homework packaged will be available for pick up on September 8th and 9thStaff will be present near front entrance to distribute.

Teaching staff will be only ones in the school practicing social distancing and wearing masks. There will be an assignment schedule given for the month of September for the learners to follow. Teachers will be available for contact, as it was at the end of the last school year. The importance of parents to have

contact with the teachers will be crucial.

After the fourth week we will reassess and see where we are for Covid 19 cases in our area and ensure safety.

**Please note, the work being completed by students will be used for report cards, it is important they complete the work sent home.

After the reassessment of the covid situation at the end of September, the remainder of what the school year may look like will be decided. Please keep in mind that September, October and November are the flu season months. If it is decided that small groups of students return to school at any time, Head Start Nursery and Kindergarten students will remain at home. This is until January 2021 and will be reassessed at that time. Our youngest learners will have a difficult time understanding and following distancing

measures and frequent cleansing. Disinfectant will be present on all surfaces and we don’t want them to rub their eyes or face if they come into contact with disinfectant.

With no students in the Kindergarten class we will be using this classroom for specific programing.

Students who require special programing will have the opportunity to come in for Auditory and vision screening, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Language programing. The Resource Teacher has

contacted parents who have a child in specific programing. These parents will receive a schedule of time slots for their child. The student would come in for no more than 1 hour at a time. They would have to remain in the classroom which contains a washroom and would be sanitized every hour. An educational assistant would pick up/drop off the child from/at home if needed. Hand sanitizer usage and masks will be required during transport.

If the school remains closed for a longer period of time we will have an at home activity recorded that your child can participate in from home. Outdoor activity would be a nice break from the on-line learning taking place. The physical aspect of education is important to keep the learners brain active and alert. This activity time would be included in an updated schedule.

Parents, we know that we can make this year a successful learning experience for your child. The key is working together for the benefit of your child’s education. We can do this!

Ward Pratt,

Sioux Valley School Principal

Good day Everyone.

Let me begin with a thank you for everyone’s patience as we navigate through these unclear times.

Due to COVID-19, we had an unorthodox end to the previous school year. This was to protect our most precious, the children. We are thankful for the continued safety and health of our students and staff.

As an administration team, we began to plan for the fall at the end of the school year. We created three plans that coincidentally coincided, to some extent, with the three plans that Manitoba Education

created. Plan #1 was for in-class learning with public health measures. Plan #2 was for partial in-class

learning with public health measures. Plan #3 was for Limited Use of Schools, In-class learning is

suspended, homework packages are created.

Due to the rising COVIC-19 cases, Chief and Council have advised us to begin the school year with plan #3. We will re-evaluate this course of action on October 1, 2020.

Plan #3

-limits the use of schools. Staff only with students attending for assessment purposes only.

For High School Students:

Students will be given one unit from each of their courses. They will be given four weeks assignments

scheduled with completion deadlines. These assignments will be picked up on September gth and

September 9thth• The unit will be expected to be completed and be reflected in your report card marks. After the October 1 reassessment, a further announcement will be made about drop off completed

work and pick-ups if needed. This will be done on October 2nd•

For Grade 7 and 8 Students,

Students will be given homework 4 week packages for the four core courses. This includes Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. All packages can be picked up on September gth and 9th at the local school site. Teachers will be present to hand out. They will be posted at the front entrance. There will be an

assignment schedule given for the month of September. It is crucial parents fill in registration forms with contact information, including emails. This is how we will contact you to assess your child.

Physical Distancing Measures will include two meters of physical distancing. Only staff will be required to be on school site where required/appointed.

Along with these homework packages, students will receive an age-appropriate information package

COVID-19. Our purpose is to ensure the health and safety our children through education.

Again, we will be re-evaluating our plans on October 1st. Decisions will be made at that time to move to another plan or continue on with plan #3.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Crocus Plains High school students and parents. We are scheduling a parent forum for September 2,

2020 at 11 am. We will be discussing decisions made in this area. Mrs. Corrine harper will be hosting and only parents are asked to attend. It will be at the local school site-use gym entrance and all PPE will be required and physical distancing in also required.

Kevin Nabess,

Sioux Valley Education Director and High School Principal

CLICK HERE to download plan and the above statements.