SVEA Notice – Kahomani changed to Solstice Feast

A number of funerals for community members who have recently passed on will take place this week. After consulting with Dakota elders and Knowledge Keepers, the Sioux Valley Elementary School staff have made the decision to not go forward with the Kahomni celebration that was originally planned for Dec. 21. In keeping with a focus on adhering to and revitalizing Dakota Wichokhan, SVS will follow a long-established protocol to not organize celebratory events while families are in mourning over the loss of a relative. SVS staff will regroup and provide an opportunity to celebrate a worthy event at some point in the near future.

Please note that SVS staff have also decided to follow through on their commitment to provide a feast for the community in honor of the Winter Solstice, where the Earth begins her journey back towards the Sun. That feast will take place as originally scheduled on December 21 starting at noon. Community members are welcome to attend and join in the feast.

Sioux Valley Elementary Staff