SVDN – Community Justice Committee (2023.03.31)

 Community Justice Committee 

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is looking for members of the community with the capacity to serve as part of a restorative justice committee within the community. 

What Is Restorative Justice? 

Restorative justice is a philosophical approach to responding to crime where the emphasis is two-fold. Restorative justice deals with the wrong done to an individual and the wrong done to the community, while recognizing that the crime is a violation of the relationship between specific people and an offence against everyone, the community. 

Restorative justice programs involve the voluntary participation of the victim of the crime, the offender, and members of the community. Through discussions the aim is to “restore” the relationship, fix the damage that has been done and prevent further crimes from occurring. 

Restorative justice is being used with a wide range of offences and when appropriate, victims, offenders and community members may be involved in the reconciliation process to: 

  • • Hold offenders accountable. 
  • • Support victims in their healing. 
  • • Provide an opportunity for participants to express their needs. 
  • • Reduce re-offending. 
  • • Support the safe reintegration of offenders. 

What is a Community Justice Committee? 

The members of a Community Justice Committee are citizen volunteers from the local community. The committee should be representative of the community in terms of age, gender, and race/culture. 

Members of a Community Justice Committee should be known, and respected, within the community. Committee members must have no outstanding criminal charges, and must never have been convicted of domestic violence, child abuse or sexual offences. 

Please send applications to: 

Director IRID 

PO Box 38 

Griswold, MB 

R0M 0S0 

Or drop off at the Governance Office C/O Director IRID 

Closing Date: Friday March 31, 2023 

All potential members of the Community Justice Committee will be required to complete a Volunteer Application, submit a completed & verified Criminal Records Check, an Adult and Child Abuse Registry Check, and a Vulnerable Persons Sector Check. Please reach out to Restorative Justice Branch and you will be assisted with Abuse Registry Checks free of charge.