Sioux Valley High School

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Sioux Valley Dakota Nation purchased Sioux Valley High School in Brandon, Manitoba in 2011.  It is currently home to 130 students from grades 7-12.

Sioux Valley High School places an emphasis on educating students in Dakota traditions, culture and history through offering an accredited course in the Dakota language for students in grades 7-8 and a course in “The History of Sioux Valley” is at the grade 11 history level.  

Sioux Valley High School offers 35-40 other courses from Grades 9-12 which are rich in culture and are curricular planned.  As well, as continuing to promote the Jr. Chief and Council program to help prepare our youth as leaders of tomorrow.

Sioux Valley High School is also home to a music program, which runs during the lunch hour. It consists of professional instructors teaching students free lessons on fiddle, guitar, and drums. The year closes out with a musical performance in May, and is enjoyed by all those who attend.

Provincial examinations are conducted on a yearly basis in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts. Sioux Valley High School continues to be on par with other provincial schools in regard to testing results at the grade 12 level, and has produced approximately 55 graduates over the past 7 years.

Contact Information:

Principal: Kevin Nabess
Phone number: (204) 729-2770