SVDN Education – Updated School Plan (2022.02.28)

Action Plan #1B

Sioux Valley Schools Plan #1. In-class learning resumes for all; near normal with restrictive local health measures.

  • In-class full day (regular school hours) learning resumes for Headstart to grade 12 with restrictive local health measures in place.
  • All underlined items are specific differences from Action Plan #1A.

Prior to School Day Beginning

  • Bus drivers to sanitize all busses utilizing spray guns at bus compound prior to starting bus routes.
  • Visible signs of assigned seating are displayed. All seating is assigned and followed according to bus safety protocol. See “Guidelines for Transportation to Schools” by the Pupil Transportation of Manitoba.
  • Once bus has unloaded, busses will report to the bus compound for sanitization.
  • Utilize bus cameras for safety purposes
  • If your child is sick, keep your child at home.

Entering School

  • One bus will unload at a time promoting safety 
  • All personnel entering the building will have to go through the screening process. Anyone who doesn’t get through the screening process will be delivered home.
  • All staff/students are aware of entrance and exit policies and follow the displayed signs.
  • Students will report directly to their classroom.

School Day

  • Sectioning Supplies, protocols, and regulations remain in place
    • (E.Y.) Entrance to school will only be through the West doors. Exiting of school will be assigned for specific classrooms.
    • (E.Y) Recess times are staggered throughout the day.
    • One-on-one special education needs will take place in designated areas with all safety protocols in place.
    • No lockers will be utilized. Students will take their supplies with them to their desks. All students’ belongings will be in their classrooms with them and will return home with them at the end of the day. This includes; indoor shoes, winter boots, etc.
    • (Kindergarten to grade 12) Gym and computer programs resume as normal
  • Lunch Protocol and Program
    • (E.Y.) Lunches can be brought in by students and/or purchased in school. No lunch drop offs will take place. Microwaves will be available for student lunch warm ups by staff members only.
    • (Grades 7-12) Lunches can be brought in by students, dropped off by parents, and/or purchased in school. Microwaves will be available for warm ups.
    • (E.Y.) Canteen and the Hot Lunch program will be available.
    • (Grades 7 to 12) Student Lounge and gym is open during lunch. All masks are required. If students are eating, they must ensure 2 meter distancing between peers.

Exiting School / Bus

  • Busses are sanitized prior to student dismissal.
  • Staggered dismissals to limit numbers of students in areas.