Wellness Program Schedule

Wellness Program Schedule

Anger Management

Domestic Violence

Grief and Loss

All program delivery right now is being done in one-on-one sessions.

Group sessions may be done in the fall.

We are taking names for the Traditional Parenting Program. It runs for 6 weeks, 2 days a week. If you are interested, call the number below and we will sign you up.

A Domestic Violence Workshop is in plans for the fall. RCMP will do a zero tolerance education on domestic issues which include: cyber bullying, verbal harrassment (gossip), false assumptions, etc. It will be very interesting to find out how these can lead to criminal behaviour.

“Remember, anger is okay. It’s a problem when you use it as a negative behaviour on others. Anger can be worked out by talking about it.”

Margaret Tacan: (204) 855-2690, ext. 265