FNSO & Justice


Security has been part of big part of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation for decades. The First Nations Safety officers is a program launched in 2016. This program replaced the discontinued Band Constable Program. Sioux Valley First Nation Safety Officer Program focuses on public safety, Crime Prevention, enforcing bi-laws and working with certain provincial laws. FNSO works closely with law enforcement, Fire, Health, DTS and Medical Rescue. Sioux Valley FNSO officers are on duty 24/7 to ensure the safety and assist in the community


Helena Mazawasicuna – FNSO Officer- Justice Coordinator
Brandon Daniels- FNSO Officer
Marsha Hotain- FNSO Officer
Travis Mazawasicuna – FNSO Officer

Jeremy Wasicuna- Security Officer
Lance Mancheese- Security
Sylvia Tacan – Security
Zahara Sutherland- Security
Monet Mazawasicuna- Security
Ladaeyah Mantee- Security

Location: Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Building 3003

Contact information:

For immediate emergencies Dial 911
FNSO Emergency line: 1-204-512-0858 Texting and Calls are accepted
Justice Coordinator Emergency line: 1-204-851-0810