SVDN Notice of Interest – Election Appeal Board (2023.07.10)

Notice of Interest – Election Appeal Board

In accordance to Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Election Law #2021.06.10-01 please be aware that letters of interest are being accepted for the appointment to the SVDN Election Law Appeal Board for the 2023 SVDN Chief & Council elections.

Letters of interest will be accepted until 4:00pm Monday July 10, 2023.
Please send letters of interest to Tricia Hayward at
Appointment will take place by secret ballot vote of community elders on Tuesday July 11, 2023

14(1) At least one hundred (100) days before Election Day, an Election Appeal Board comprised of five (5), or a minimum of three (3), Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate citizens shall be appointed during an elders meeting held on reserve.

Secret Ballot
14(5) The appointment will be by secret ballot at the elders meeting and the persons with the highest number of votes shall be appointed as the members of the Election Appeal Board.

14(6) The Election Appeal Board members shall not participate or be involved in the Election process in any manner whatsoever. Each Election Appeal Board member shall execute a written undertaking stating that he or she shall not run for office of Chief or Councillor or vote in the Election.

Administer all appeals
14(7) The Election Appeal Board shall supervise and administer all Election appeals, in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

Legal counsel
14(8) The Election Appeal Board may retain legal counsel to assist them in handling appeals if necessary.

Term of office
14(9) The members of the Election Appeal Board shall hold office until all appeals have been determined.

14(10) No member of the Election Appeal Board shall be a member of the outgoing Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Council, or a Candidate in the upcoming Election.

Questions or concerns please contact:
Tricia Hayward