Business Development

Historically, the members of SVDN were recognized as successful agricultural entrepreneurs.  Interference with the Dakota economy through the Indian Act has restricted and impeded the development of Dakota businesses and entrepreneurs, but SVDN is committed to counter this trend, pursue opportunities for economic development, and create a healthy and prosperous Dakota economy.

At present, SVDN has purchased and proposes to develop commercial lands at the junction of the TransCanada Highway No. 1 and the Eva McKay Memorial Highway (PTH 21).  The proposed development includes a full service store and gas bar, restaurant, motor hotel, commercial space for businesses, a new gaming facility, and an outdoor stage and entertainment facility.  Proposed future plans include a multiplex arena for year round cultural and sporting activities, campground, golf course, horse track and equestrian related facilities.

The economic and business projects in development will provide opportunities for employment, to elevate the standard of living of SVDN members and contribute to the local economy, extending to the surrounding area and rural municipalities.