Community Notice – Social Distancing in our Community (04.28.20)

To address issues regarding social distancing, we will be instructing all members of the community to notify security personnel at ​204-512-0858​ of persons not complying with the directives issued under the Manitoba Emergency and Public Health Order.

These issues include social distancing (parties/group gatherings of 10 persons or more) and failure to self-isolate (persons who are coming from out of province or coming into contact with persons from out of province).

Our Security Staff will attend the location and, from a safe distance, determine if there is merit in the report. If the report is found to be substantiated, they are then instructed to notify the RCMP. The RCMP have been asked to enforce the Public Health Act and issue fines where practical.

We want to work in a proactive manner to ensure that COVID-19 does not affect our community. We have provided ample opportunity to our citizens through education but unfortunately, there are still some people who still decide to flout the Health Orders. Repeat offenders will be asked to appear before the Chief and Council to explain their actions.

We are also reminding the community that there will be a curfew in effect from the hours of 9 PM to 8AM daily. Any persons found to be contrevening this curfew will be sent home by Security Staff. Repeat offenders will appear before the Chief and Council for resolution.

All Security reports will be reviewed weekly to ensure compliance and identify persons in non-compliance.

We trust that community members will comply with this directive. The health and safety of our community is our greatest concern.

Chief and Council Sioux Valley Dakota Nation