Dakota Tiwahe Services Inc.

The Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Government is determined, pursuant to the Self-Government agreement (s. 20.0) with Canada and Manitoba, to undertaking the jurisdiction through the initiative of creting a Child and Family Service Agency (Dakota Tiwahe Services Inc.) to address the need for protecting Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Children and families. This will ensure the protection of the Dakota Culture by providing services which represents the morals and philosophical, cultural and traditional components of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.

The approach of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will be integrated and collaborative, involving all the SVDN departments, particularly those of Health, Education, and Social Development to impleent the objectives of creating healthy families and re-uniting families who have been impacted by child apprehensions.

The Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Government is determined to create a new model to demonstrate that when Dakota culture, values, traditions and kinship are applied, families will be healthier and the numbers of apprehensions should be reduced and ultimately eliminated.

Dakota Tiwahe Services Inc.
Building 3611
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation
PO Box 39
Griswold, MB
Ph: (204) 573.4372
Fx: (204) 855.2671