SV Education Update – Sept. 10, 2023

September 10, 2023
Han/Good afternoon all Sioux Valley High School families. A memo was sent home with all grades 7 to 12 students outlining upcoming September events. Please note that we will be utilizing the email addresses that were included in the registration forms to also send out all future memos as well as physical paper memos. A few changes were made to the memo that was sent home. See below for the updated memo.
Welcome to a new school year! Just a reminder to ensure that all student registrations are filled out completely. Please call the school at (204) 729-2770 to update all contact information whenever a change is needed. We thank all parents/guardians for keeping us updated! If you wish to receive memos and other communication from the school via email, please ensure that you’ve filled out the email option on the registration forms for this year.
We have a few events happening this month.
• September 8 – Welcome Back Lunch & Afternoon Activities
• September 11 – Teen Clinic
• September 11 – Walk in Sioux Valley for Suicide Awareness. There will be a late pick up beginning at 8:45AM. This walk is from the Health office to the Pow Wow grounds and will start at 9:30 and will conclude with a BBQ. Students will then be bussed in to SVHS for regular afternoon classes. There will be a regular bus run for Provincial students.
• September 12th to 14th – There is an event that Wipazoka Wakpa will be hosting “Residential School Conference”. Selected grade 12 students will be asked to help out at this event. Some students may be attending also. More information will be sent regarding this ASAP.
• September 13 – Grade 7 & 8 Earl Oxford
• September 13 – 1:00 to 3:30 – Land Based Event*
*The entire SVHS school will be attending “Native Plant Seed Collection”. The location of this event is Northwest (Near Pratt cemetery). Students will be leaving at 12:20 for the event. The event will run from 1:00 until end of school day. Busses will be loading up at 3:25. If you do not wish for your child to attend this event, please keep your child home.
• September 15 – Early Dismissal for ALL Sioux Valley Education for staff language classes at 2PM
• September 20 – Early Dismissal at 12:00PM for ALL Sioux Valley Education students for Stantec presentations to all education staff
• September 21 – Grade 7 & 8 Earl Oxford
• September 25 – Teen Clinic
• September 29 – Grade 7 & 8 Earl Oxford
• September 29 – Orange Shirt Day!
• September 29 – Early Dismissal for ALL Sioux Valley Education for staff language classes at 2PM
Pidamayapiye/thank you,
Sioux Valley High School Administration