SVDN Community Safety Board EXTENDED DEADLINE (2023.09.05)


We invite all who are interested to submit letters of interest to be appointed to the Community Safety Board pursuant to the recently enacted Sioux Valley Dakota Oyate Community Safety Law.

The role of the Community Safety Board is to determine whether a person is a serious threat to the community and if that person should be banished. The law sets out a fair and impartial process that the Community Safety Board must follow in order to banish a person.

The Community Safety Board must consist of 7 members and will be appointed by Chief and Council. From those members, a chairperson and one or more vice-chairpersons will be designated.

We strongly encourage the participation of Elders and individuals with a justice or legal background.

The qualifications to sit as a member of the Community Safety Board are the following:

· Member of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation

· 18 years of age

· Background in justice would be beneficial.

Letters of interest will be accepted until 4:00pm on September 5, 2023 4:00 PM.

Please send letters of interest or any questions to Tricia Hayward at