SVDN Dakota Iapi Notice (2022.07.15)

To the Oyate:

It is with deep concern by our older relatives that much of our value system is not being taught. With that, there is room still available as we proceed with the Dakota Iapi Bdoketu Institute. Our summer will be a mixture of, in the Center and land-based experiences. The focus of this Summers work is based on the values Dakota people find important. For example: Waohoda (respect), Wawokiye (helpfulness).

Learning the history of the Dakota territories by exploring these sites through fishing, swimming, hiking, etc.

Environmental issues by exploring berry picking, medicine picking etc. some travel will be involved in these areas.

Exploring the concepts, terms and phrases of Isnati and Hanbdechiya will also be discussed and possibly exposure to ceremony.

Plus much more. If you are a parent or grandparent and would like to bring your child or takoza to take part, please call the Community Center and ask for Candice or Virgil.

We can be contacted here:

Candace Kennedy: 204-730-5651 /

Virgil Bunn: 204-721-1273 /