SVDN Fire Dept. – Outdoor Fire Safety Tips (2023.04.28)

SVDN Fire Dept. – Outdoor Fire Safety Tips

1 – Any Outdoor Fire Must be supervised at all times

2 – Do not light a fire if the wind conditions are greater then 25km/h.

3 – Burn only Grass and Wood

4- No burning of Garbage, Flammable Liquids, And Household contents

5 – Ensure the Smoke from an Outdoor Fire will not pose unreasonable hazard to the health of any Person or reduce the visibility on any road or highway.

6- Ensure You have sufficient water supply and means of fire suppression capable of exitnguishing the fire.

7 – All fires must be extinguished when unsupervised, Including Campfires.

If you have any questions in regards to outdoor burning, fire safety or anything fire related, please email