SVDN Lands – Environmental Site Assessment (2023.06.29)

-Environmental Site Assessment

On May the 23rd through to the 26th we had specialists from the AAFC conduct the second phase of the ESA work as part of the environmental works being conducted on the Brandon Residential School site.

During the multiple days of this ESA, we were able to branch out and include multiple facets of the work and get pictures and videos as it took place to better inform the Oyate of the happenings.

On the 23rd we focused on soil sampling varying depths of soil where we had soil and engineer specialists conduct soil core samples at differing depths to ensure no pollutants existed within the area from previous uses of the land and other farming practices at the upper portion of the property.

On the 24th we had Kylie Bell join us as we conducted various water testing throughout the property, some which were visible water areas, like the pond and marsh and others which required sample of different test wells along the property up on the high portions of the land there.

On May the 25th we did some species at risk work which allowed us to explore the many ins and outs of the property and along the outlining property line, critters and insects and even snakes were studied to make sure all species are protected within these lands and to help identify any special measures that may be needed to protect any inhabitants calling this area their home. We were able to have this result in an event held on the Brandon Residential School Site on May 26th for the learning enrichment of the SVDN high school students called a day on the lands.

-SVDN Lands Manager