SVDN Lands – Nation to Nation Recap (2023.04.11)

On Tuesday April 11th, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation’s Lands Department was delighted to host a Nation to Nation event. Conceived by Leaha Tacan and Andrea Houle, the concept behind this event was to help break barriers between neighbouring nations. 

Students and staff from Ebb & Flow First Nation were invited out to the community centre for a provided meal, followed by a presentation given by members Cheyanne Ironman, Darby Essie, Ricky Smoke Jr, Kolby Pratt and Coraleigh Demas. The presentation was based around the importance of the Bison and the environment, along with the story of the White Buffalo Calf Lady.

Afterwards, the guests were welcomed by Sioux Valley’s High School Junior Chief & Council as well as Councillors Tony Tacan and Rusty Taylor. Following the brief welcoming, they continued on a tour of the local buffalo compound. While at the compound, the Ebb & Flow staff and students were introduced to Councillor Jon Bell and SVDN member Zane Tacan who led the tour, showcasing the White Buffalo.

The day concluded with a trip up to Sioux Valley’s Elementary School. Principle Bruce Lyons was more than gracious to give a tour of the facility as well as letting the students have a break at the playground. It was a wonderful day and SVDN looks forward to future visits and open dialogue with other communities.