SVHS Drivers Z Program (2022)

Date: July 26, 2022

Attention Parents and Guardians;

We are currently planning to restart the Driver’s Education program once again at Sioux Valley High School. Now called the Driver’s Z program. It will run in semester 1-Fall and again in the Semester 2-Spring of 2023

Below is information regarding the Driver’s Z Course:

• Start Date: September 26-October 7, 2022
• Open to all students who are 15.5 years of age before Sept 9- so born before April 9, 2007
• Hours of Classroom Instruction: 24
• Hours of In-Car Instruction: 8 hours behind-the-wheel training
• All classes will be held from 1-3:30 starting September 26 for 2 weeks.
• Vision Test: (administered in class by the instructor)
• Parent meeting: September 20, 2022 at 1:00 at SVHS- question and answer period
• Instructor- Mr. Calistus Ekenna

Driver’s Education Course
• Main focus is to help new drivers become safe and skilled drivers for life (road test which occurs 9+ months later)
• Knowledge Test (Learners)

  • Test based on the Driver’s Handbook
    • 2 classroom Tests
  • Based on both the textbook and classroom content
    • Assignments
  • Based on textbook readings
    • Participation
  • Come with a pen and paper
  • Active participation is expected in activities and discussions

Director of Education: Mr. Kevin Nabess
Sioux Valley Education
Telephone: 204-855-2536 Fax: 204-855-3204
Telephone: 204-729-2770 Fax: 204-727-2054