SVDN Youth Spotlight – Bryce Hanska (2023.05.10)

Bryce Hanska is the son of Shantel Taylor (Stepfather Darnell Essie) and Doug Hanska Jr. (Stepmother Destiny Jackson). Bryce is 11 years old and is a registered member of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. Bryce has 5 siblings, Douglas Hanska III (Yamni), Brody Hanska, Briella Hanska, Connor Hanska and stepsister Ella Mountain.

Bryce has played hockey with the Rivers Jets since he was 5 years old, at the age of 8, he played with Brandon hockey league for one season. While he played his last year of novice, Bryce had become one of the top scorers for the Brandon Canucks team. Due to COVID-19, the league playoffs were cancelled. Bryce had transitioned back to Rivers for the 2020-2021 hockey season. Again, due to Covid, the season had ended earlier than expected. For the 2021-2022 hockey season, Bryce played his last year with the U11 Rivers Jets Team Brown. The team had won the B-Side championship that season, Bryce played as a defensemen for the Rivers Jets Team Brown, had scored the last goal of the season in the B- side championship game with 36 seconds left on the clock, on an open net from the Rivers Jets zone.

In 2019 Bryce had also played baseball with the Brandon Baseball league.

Although he has explored hockey and baseball his love for the game of golf could not be replaced. Bryce started golfing with his dad (Doug Hanska Jr.) at the age of 4. He started off playing for fun on various golf courses while dad and uncles would have a competitive game amongst one another. Bryce’s favourite golf course is Oak Island and is the course that has helped develop his skills.

When Bryce turned 10 years old, he entered his first small tournament with the 2021 Westman Golf League. He played in two tournaments to have fun and to gain more experience.
Bryce’s experience with the Westman Golf League encouraged him to pursue more of a challenge. Therefore Bryce was encouraged to join the Maple Leaf’s Junior Tour.

Bryce’s first tournament he entered with the Maple Leaf’s Mini Golf Tour was at the St. Boniface Golf Club in Winnipeg MB, the second tournament was at the Selkirk Gold & Country Club in Selkirk MB, and the final tournament was held at the Carmen Golf Club. Within those 3 tournaments Bryce had ranked 3rd in Manitoba and had then qualified for an invite to the MJT Mini Tour National Championship at Tsawwassen Springs BC. On August 24 & 25, 2022. During this tournament Bryce has a chance to qualify for the 2023 FCG Callaway World Championship in Palm Springs California (July). 

For more information on the Maple Leaf’s Junior Golf Tour, you can visit

Ever since Bryce has received the invite to play in the Tsawwassen nationals’ tournament, he has been practicing all day every day. If he cannot make it to the golf course, he becomes creative and creates his own greens within his back yard. Bryce plans to continue playing with the Maple Leaf’s Junior Golf Tour as he gets older in age and as his skills develop, he can be potentially scouted for school scholarships. 

Bryce is thankful for the support from his home community, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation and most importantly from his family who has supported him through his golf journey from the very start. Good luck in Tsawwassen Bryce!


On Saturday May 6, 2023

Bryce Hanska competed in the MJT Mini Tour/ Junior World Golf Championships Qualifier at the St. Boniface Golf Club in Winnipeg Manitoba. In the boys 11-12 yr  division. Bryce placed 1st, with a score of 94.

On behalf of Bryce’s, Taylor-Essie and Hanska family we would like to Thank Bryce’s Caddy, Danny Chalmers for supporting him on the St. Boniface Golf Course.

We would also like to Thank Pro-Golfer Austin Dobrescu. Bryce has recently started golf lessons with Austin. Austin is a well-known golfer within Manitoba, winning multiple titles and also competes in the Mackenzie Tour. Bryce is thankful for all the support he is receiving from the SVDN community, friends and family.

Bryce would like to share with everyone that he will continue with golf lessons with Austin and will also continue to practice at his home golf course, Oak Island Golf Resort. Thank you to Oak Island Golf Resort for continuously treating Bryce like family.

Bryce’s goals for this year’s Golf Journey is to qualify for 2023 MJT Nationals and have fun meeting new people and making new friends along the way.  

Bryce’s next MJT Mini Tour golf tournament is to be held in Steinbach at the Steinbach Fly-In Golf Club, on June 10, 2023. 

Good luck with your future golf endeavours Bryce!