Community Notice -SVDN Education Announcement (06.14.21)

Good afternoon All Parents, Guardians, and Students;

The Education Program has delivered the final homework packages for this school year. Just a reminder that the deadline for course work for potentially graduating students is June 15th. Ensure that all coursework has been handed in by this date.

For Headstart to grade 11, have your work submitted by June 18th to have it reflected on the final report cards. These report cards will be delivered by Sioux Valley Staff to mailboxes on June 25th. Sioux Valley Education will continue to put out the homework boxes in July and parts of August for those students who are still pushing through the homework packages.

Teachers will be given all submitted work at the end of August. Also, for grades 9-11 any course work that is submitted during summer months will be put towards graded marks and therefore affecting credits. We encouraged grades 9-11 students to continue to work as it can contribute towards credit completion. Marks will be readjusted at the end of August to reflect this submitted work. These will be considered final marks at that time and submitted to the province for course credit recognition.

Please remember that teachers are available throughout the month of June to answer any questions that students or parents have regarding the work package. We encourage you to reach out to the teachers to provide feedback on how your child is learning. The homework drop off box is located outside the local school 8:30 to 4:45, Monday to Friday.