SVDN Community Notice – Community Emergency Planning (08.27.21)

SVDN is looking for 10 or more community members to take part in the Emergency Planning training taking place at the Community Centre.

Date Sept 28 & 29, 2021

from 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm. – lunch will be provided.

Please contact Joss Ross at 204-855-2760 or Carol Johnson at 204-512-0873 if you would like to attend the training.

Community Emergency Planning

  • Basic Emergency Management– inclusive of lessons on emergency management framework necessary to build resiliency within communities;
  • Your Emergency Plan – what it contains, how to activate and work from it;
  • Emergency Operation Centre – understanding this function as part of your community emergency plan, when would it be used and what is its purpose;
  • Reception Centres, what is their purpose and how are the utilized,
  • Shelter-in-place, 72 hour planning and pet planning.
  • The day will include an exercise based on the theory taught.
  • Community Emergency Volunteers – inclusive of lessons on what part volunteers play in emergencies, how individuals can help become part of the community emergency plan and training to support them.
  • Building a program to support your emergency plan including preparing teams to help with evacuation,
  • Creating a volunteer base to run an Emergency Operation Centre
  • Using stay behind team to work in the community.
  • The day will include exercises based on the theory taught.