SVDN – Federal Indian Day School Class Action – Application Assistance (2022.05.20)

The deadline to apply for the “Federal Indian Day School Class Action” is July 13, 2022. If you require assistance completing your application, you can contact Jocelyn Ross at 204-813-6410

There were 3 Federal Day Schools in Sioux Valley. To be eligible for compensation under this class action suit, you HAVE to have attended one of the following schools during its operation:

1. Griswold Sioux – Roman Catholic (located in the central area of SV). It was in operation between September 1, 1955 and September 1, 1966.  

2. Oak River Sioux – Anglican  (Sioux Valley School site). It was in operation between May 19, 1913 to September 1, 1978. 

3. Oak River South – Anglican (South end). It was in operation between January 1, 1959 – September 1, 1964. 

You can also download the form here: