SVDN Meth Awareness Presentation & Community Involvement Initiative (07.30.18)

On Monday, July 30, 2018, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation held a presentation in the SVDN Veterans Hall about Meth. This presentation was to help bring awareness to our community about the ever growing problem of Meth in Manitoba and Canada. This is a drug that has grown in popularity and we wil be doing all we can to keep it from infecting our community. This first presentation was put forward by SVDN’s Social Development department and Dakota Tiwahe Services Inc. with some technical support from SVDN Health. This presentation is the first, with more to come, as well as workshops being planned for the future. We hope to get as many community members involved to help keep drugs out of our community.

Former DOPS officer and current Dakota Tiwahe Services employee Dale McKay gave a brief, but to the point presetation to community members and we have made the presentation available here for those who were unable to attend today. You can download it below.

Crystal Meth Awareness Presentation