Community Notice – SVDN Education

Attention All Parents and Guardians of grades 1 to 6 students;

In anticipation of the chief’s announcement, the community-wide vaccinations will be held at the Sioux Valley Elementary School. Due to this, the start date for the in-class learning of grades 1 to 6 students will be pushed back to April 6th. All staff will be given the opportunity to vaccinate prior to April 6th. 

All staff are working hard to ensure the school is sanitized and ready for public vaccinations as well as ensuring classrooms are ready for the return of in-school learning. Please be aware that staff will be installing signs at each family’s home to assign the school day colour. This will be either a window decal or a sign. We ask that any dogs be tied up or inside for today, March 18th, and tomorrow, March 19th. Each family will be given a calendar with their assigned colour on it.  The colours are orange and green, see the calendars attached to this posting. They will be displayed on the governance website as well. Please ensure you send your child(ren) on their assigned days only. There will be a daily Facebook posting reminder for the next day’s colour each afternoon. Students will be given a health check prior to bus entrance. Please make sure your child is feeling well before allowing them to walk to the bus. For more information regarding the start of school, please see our previous posting on February 25th. 

We look forward to the start of in-class learning! 

Thank you,

Sioux Valley Education Administration