SVDN Chief & Council 2023 – 2025

The Chief and Council of Sioux Valley work toward make Sioux Valley a better place for all members by continuing to develop our own laws, policies and procedures. As Sioux Valley had moved away from the Indian Act, new Sioux Valley Dakota Nations laws need to be developed to replace the Indian Act laws that have governed us. Areas of focus for the Chief and Council have been finance, education, health, economic development, child and family services, and policing. The Chief and Council work closely with the Program Managers and Directors to ensure that programs are carried out in an effective manner.

Chief Vincent Tacan

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Chief Vincent Tacan was born and raised at Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. At age 18, he began working in the trades as a welder, and moved into auto body work at age 20. By age 21, he began working in the area of policing, and at age 22, took RCMP training and worked as a Police officer for another 2 years. At age 24, he focused on work as a probation/parole officer which was enhanced by his training as a Police Officer. During this time, he also trained in suicide intervention, mediation, domestic violence group facilitation, as well as justice case conferencing. He continued in this area for 11 years, and was elected and held office as a Councillor for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation for 2 years. After a 2 year term, he sought and was elected Chief, and served for 3 months until a by-election. After completion of correctional officer training, he worked as a correctional officer, and at age 30, returned to probation officer work. At age 41, he was recruited as an Aboriginal Court Worker, and at age 44 was elected as Chief of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. After completing 2 years in office, he returned to his job as a Court Worker until elected again as Chief in 2012 at age 53, and will have served for 3 terms or 6 years in total as Chief, and 2 years as a Councillor.

Throughout his early years, Chief Tacan enjoyed farming with his father, and at age 25, he saved enough to buy his own cattle and has continued to work the land, custom feed, and raise cattle. He feels fortunate to be able to stay connected to the way of life he enjoyed growing up and to his family, and appreciates the opportunity to use the education and knowledge he gained over the years for the well-being of his community.

Councillor Jon Bell

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Councillor Melissa Hotain

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She is the daughter of Glenys Elk and the late Ronnie Hotain. Her maternal grandparents were Dorothy Pratt and Wilbert Elk and paternal grandparents Agnes Hall (Hotain) and Abraham Mini. She is the Mother of twin sons and Kunshi to 8 Takozas.

With a background in environmental studies, Melissa Hotain spent ten years working in policy analysis for the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) on First Nations environmental and legislation issues. She was responsible for research, planning, policy analysis and strategic development related to the environment and First Nation matters, and participated in various regional, national, and international committees dealing with land, water, and environmental issues.
Melissa has worked as an Independent Contractor for the past 9 years, working on a variety of initiatives including, research, policy analysis, facilitation and liaison services, conference coordination, proposal development, project management, program evaluations and strategic planning. She completed two years (2018-2020) with the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa, Ontario where she worked as a Project Coordinator in Emergency Management and a Senior Policy Analyst in Water Issues.
She worked for 2 years (2020-2022) as Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Manitoba, leading the self-government file. She recently completed a year plus at the Southern Chiefs Organization as a Director leading the Nation Rebuilding Project, where she and her team completed a Strategic Plan for the First Nations.
In 2020, Melissa was appointed to the Health Information Research Governance Committee and the International Red River Board and is passionate about Indigenous water rights and issues. This is her second international appointment, previously nominated in 2015 by Canada to the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Roster of Experts, Joint Public Advisory Committee, Commission for Environmental Cooperation.
She strongly believes in working to revitalize and apply traditional knowledge based on the philosophy of assessing actions and decisions based on the health and well-being of our future generations.

Councillor Anthony (Tony) D. Tacan

Tony previously served on Council:

My name is Anthony Tacan. I have been married to my wife Leaha Tacan for 37 years. We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I am currently serving my 11th term as a Councillor for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. Present portfolios I hold include Justice and Policing, Social Development, Post-Secondary Education, Employment and Training, Building and Maintenance, Bison, Dakota Ojibway Community Futures, Governance, Housing and Dakota Tiwahe Services. I currently serve as Chairman of the Dakota Ojibway Community Futures Development Corporation.

I have experience as a semi-truck driver and heavy equipment operator. I have also completed basic training in the Canadian Military and served as a Police Officer with the Dakota Ojibway Police Service.  In addition to politics, I continue to assist the security/ First Nation Safety officer program. I was on Council for the signing of the 2014 Self Government agreement between Canada, Manitoba, and Sioux Valley Dakota Nation.

Councillor Carol Johnson

This is Councillor Johnson’s first term.

Councillor Russell (Rusty) Taylor

Rusty previously served on Council: