Community Notice- SVDN Guidance Document-Public Health Orders (03.03.21)

March 2, 2021

Attention Membership,

In anticipation of the changes to the Manitoba Public Health Orders which will go into effect March 5 at 12:01 a.m, please be advised Sioux Valley Dakota Nation (SVDN) offers the following guidance document: 

  1. SVDN will consider requests of member need for public space use on a case-by-case basis. 
  2. The benefits of reopening need to be balanced with the risks of increased COVID-19 transmission; as we begin to allow organized activities to operate again, we need thoughtful planning to reduce the risk of COVID-19 within our community.
  3. Celebrations of life (i.e. wakes and funerals) should consider the potential that public health orders around gathering size are subject to change. The event must adhere to the current public health orders on gathering sizes, with preference given to holding the event outdoors to further minimize risk.
  4. Congregate meals/funeral feeding is discouraged at this time.
  5. SVDN reserves the right to appoint Security personnel as necessary to ensure compliance with public health orders.
  6. Members are reminded to stay home if they are feeling unwell, even if their symptoms are mild.
  7. Members are advised to physically distance themselves from members outside their household. Traditional greetings such as handshakes, kissing and hugging should be avoided. 
  8. A single point of entry and assurance that physical distancing is maintained throughout the event remains critical.
  9. Seating arrangements must allow for a six foot (2-metre) separation between chairs. If standing, a six foot (2-metre) separation is also required for non-household members.
  10. A list of attendees must be kept for 21 days to ensure appropriate public health follow-up can take place if an attendee is exposed to COVID-19 during the celebration or ceremony.
  11. Do not gather around drum groups as spectators.
  12. Participation in community gatherings or events must respect the current Public Health Orders with respect to travel which would include self-isolation in Manitoba for 14 days for anyone travelling into the province and, similarly, to the community of Sioux Valley Dakota Nation itself.

-Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Chief and Council