Sioux Valley Education Notice – School Re-opening (03.22.21)

Attention Parents, Guardians, and Students of grades 1 to 6.

Reminder that homework delivery for Sioux Valley Education students will begin tomorrow, February 26th, at 10:30AM. Please ensure your dogs are properly contained and be on the lookout for the busses.  

On another note, we will be re-opening our In-class learning  for grades 1 to 6. This begins on March 22nd, 2021. Homework packages for Headstart/Nursery/Kindergarten and grades 7 to 12 will continue. 

Information for Grades 1 to 6:

Prior to School Day Beginning 

– 8:00 Bus drivers to sanitize busses utilizing spray guns at bus compound. Coloured Flags will be changed daily to indicate the students assigned to the color. Busses will only pick up students whose day it is to attend. This will be clearly displayed by the Flag colour. 

– Busses pick up EAs from local school at 9:00AM. EAs from the High School are reassigned as bus monitors. Duties of a bus monitor will be to strictly enforce physical distancing and that all PPE is being worn, bus checklists, each student will be asked how they are feeling prior to boarding the bus, assist with exiting the bus, and entering the school.

– Visible signs of assigned seating are displayed. All seating is assigned and followed according to bus safety protocol. See “Guidelines for Transportation to Schools” by the Public Health Manitoba attached.

– Utilize bus cameras for safety purposes

– Only students who are picked up by the bus in the AM will be permitted into the school. This is to ensure proper PPE is being worn and visual assessment is completed prior to entering the school system. If your child misses the bus, please keep your child at home.

– Once bus has unloaded, busses will report to the bus compound for sanitization. 

Entering School

– One bus will unload at a time following distancing protocols. 

– All staff/students are aware of entrance and exits policies and follow the displayed signs. For example: floors are clearly marked with directions signs (See photo below)

– Students will report directly to their classroom.

School Day

-Only 50% of students will be scheduled each day. 

    o         School days are shortened due to movement restrictions. The day will begin at 10:00 AM with a 2:00 PM dismissal. There will be a scheduled lunchtime/recess break. The student’s scheduled break will be staggered to limit numbers of students in areas.

    o         Easy to read/follow calendars will be provided with colours clearly indicated for each day. Students will be assigned a colour for their day of attendance. This calendar will be shared with the radio station and Facebook and will be announced daily. Families will be provided with a window display with the assigned colour. Households will be grouped together. 

    o         Students will be in class one day and at home the next day. Students will be given a homework package for the day they remain home.

-Sectioning Supplies, protocols, and regulations in place to keep cohorts apart

    o         Entrance to school will only be through the West doors. Exiting of school will be assigned for specific classrooms. 

    o         Washroom breaks will be staggered per classroom and sanitized at the end of each classroom usage. Please encourage your child to use the washroom before coming to school.

    o         One-on-one special education needs will take place in designated areas with all safety protocols in place. 

    o         No lockers will be utilized. Students will take their supplies with them to their desks. All students belongings will be in their classrooms with them and will return home with them at the end of the day. This includes; indoor shoes, winter boots, etc.

-Lunch Protocol and Program 

    o No microwave food allowed 

    o Individually bagged lunches only from home. No drop off lunches will be accepted.

    o  Lunch program will only contain a bagged lunch of a sandwich, a fruit cup, and a bottle of water. The cost of a bagged lunch is $1.00. No trading of food will be permitted.

-SVHS EAs are hallway monitors or other assigned duties during the day. 

Exiting School / Bus 

-Busses start departing at 1:50 PM with the last bus departing at 2:10 PM.

-Staggered dismissals to limit numbers of students in areas.