H’upahu Duta Brings Puppets & Dakota Language to Life (2017.05.03)

Earlier today (05.03.17), Redwing Thomas (H’upahu Duta) brought his Dakota Language Puppet Show to the youth of Sioux Valley School and Sioux Valley Daycare. Though all his puppets play in important role in the teaching of the language, the crowd favorite of them all was Ralphie. The children cheered when Ralphie made his appearance and captivated the audience. Redwing would often step out from behind the curtain and address the youth directly, stressing the importance of learning their language. A captivating speaker, regardless of age group, he delivers a valuable lesson about language and culture everywhere he goes.

During his visit to Sioux Valley Daycare, Councillors Eleanore Elk & Jennifer Bone gifted Redwing with a star blanket to show our appreciation for all he does. He has visited our community several times, and with each visit he has brought a revitalization of the language and culture with him. He is a teacher and keeper of our Dakota language, a role he doesn’t take lightly, nor will he back down. It is that tenacity that helps keep the language alive. For that, we are all appreciative.

Wopida Tanka H’upahu Duta

For his Dakota Language and Children’s Dakota Language DVD’s please to his website https://mkt.com/hd-productions

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