SVDN 2023 Annual Wacipi (Pow Wow)(RECAP)(2023.07.14-16)

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation held it’s annual Wacipi (Pow Wow) from July 14 to July 16, 2023. It was an amazing turnout of dancers, singers, family and friends from across Canada and the United States. This year, SVDN was finally able to hold this annual event under a brand new arbour. The sheer size of the new arbour conjured feelings of the Roman Coloseum, as dancers entered the circle and put on an amazing show. It was a fun filled weekend, as there were several other events taking place over the weekend to compliment the annual Wacipi. Several in attendance took part in the moccasin games tournament, the baseball tournament and horse shoes. Many of the youth enjoyed the bouncy castle, or played at the recently renovated basketball courts and skatepark. With very few incident occurring over the weekend, it was fun and safe time for all. 

Please enjoy the photos and livestream videos below. 

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation would like to thank the Pow Wow Committee and all who helped make our annual Wacipi a fun and safe weekend for all, and we’d like to thank all who attended, visited, and took part in our annual weekend. 

Thank you