SVDN Meet With Assistant Deputy Minister Ross Pattee (2019.02.20)

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Meeting with Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada – Assistant Deputy Minister Ross Pattee, Implementation Sector

On February 20, 2019 Assistant Deputy Minister – Implementation Sector, Ross Pattee met with Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Chief Jennifer Bone and members of her council, program staff and elders.  The meeting was an important step for SVDN, as it outlined the progress that SVDN has made since the SVDN Governance Agreement came into effect. 

ADM Ross Pattee, discussed with Chief Bone a proposed Rights Based Policy which will replace the Inherent Right Policy (1995) and the Comprehensive Lands Claims Policy (1986 and 2014 Interim Policy).  It is through these engagements that Canada is seeking to foster discussions on how replace the two outdated policies with new approaches premised on the implementation of Indigenous rights under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982.  Chief Bone expressed her concern on how this proposed new policy would effect the current SVDN Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination (RRISD) table as well as the current SVDN Governance Agreement.  It was agreed by both parties that further discussions will be provided once the community is made aware of the new proposed policy.

Chief Bone discussed with ADM Ross Pattee, the priorities of SVDN and the Community Engagement process.  Chief Bone touched on matters such as Dakota Tiwahe Services (prevention service delivery, potential to exercise jurisdiction); Infrastructure (high school, water and sewage); Health Services (Health Centre accreditation, Substance use and emergency services), SVDN FAA Renewal; and the former Residential School Site (land lease, cemetery issues, plans for a treatment centre/healing facility). 

The meeting was followed by a community tour and ended with a tour of the Residential School property.  ADM Ross Pattee followed up with SVDN in a email and he stated” ……to share your concerns and experiences as a self-governing nation on many files. You can be proud of the progress you have made as a self governing nation. 

Thank you all, as well, for hearing me out on the new policy we are working on to replace the Comprehensive Land Claims and Inherent Right Policy. I look forward to ensuring that Sioux Valley Dakota Nation is able to have its’ perspectives captured in the policy development process”.

Sioux Valley will continue to build the relationship with the Government of Canada as a Self-Governing Nation.