Community Notice – DakotaNet Announces Fiber Optic Internet (06.28.21)

Hello friends and relatives,

Today marks a historical step for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation. We break ground and start the installation of underground fiber optic cable to every home and business in our community. Being one of the first Dakota Communities to run fiber to every home and own the infrastructure and Internet Connection is a huge deal and not many communities in Canada or North America can say they have done the same. As we move further into the 21stcentury and beyond, we look back at how far we have come. In 10 short years, we went from 512kbps download speed and 256kbps upload speed to 100mbps+ symmetrical speeds and beyond. 

This next phase in the development of DakotaNET will help Sioux Valley in delivering essential services such as E-Governance, E-Health, E-Education, and E-Justice to its members. With access to fiber optic internet, our community members have better access to the outside world. Remote learning is possible, creation of online businesses is possible, and better experiences streaming and online gaming are possible. This upgrade also creates more economic possibilities for the community to bring businesses and jobs, online jobs that require high speed internet are now possible for those wanting to work from home. This upgrade will also bring future improvements to DakotaNETs services offered to the community. Managed Wi-Fi, security camera management, VoIP telephone services, streaming services to name a few will now be possible.

This upgrade will take a couple of months to complete and will involve our contractors (RfNow) coming into every home in Sioux Valley at least twice. The first time will be to bring the fiber into the home and the second time will be to splice the fiber to activate it. These will be done a couple weeks apart.

The community is broken up into 4 phases of construction, the first phase of construction starts today (June 28, 2021) and will take approximately 3 weeks. This phase will be in the main townsite along the 21 highway (projects). Please keep kids away from the equipment and have your animals tied up and if possible, organize your yards and mow your grass so the plows have an easier time trenching the fiber into your home. We also ask that you have a place in mind for where you want the fiber to be placed. Keep in mind that this spot will be permanent and will never move after its installed. If you want it in the same place as the current internet connection, that’s fine as well. Once the fiber is spliced and the connection is live, we will migrate you from DakotaNETs fixed wireless internet to DakotaNETs fiber internet. This process should be smooth with little to no service interruption. I ask that you keep in mind with any new build, there will be growing pains and hiccups that we will be addressing as they arise so, please be patient if there is a service interruption.

The second phase of construction is scheduled to start July 14 and last until around July 30th. This will be all homes north of the 21 highway in Sioux valley as well as the homes just south of the bridge by the gaming. The same information above applies to this phase.

The third phase of construction is scheduled to start Aug 2 and last until around Aug 20. This will be all homes south of the 21 highway up until Dakota Tiwahe Services. The same information above applies to this phase.

The final phase of construction is scheduled to start Aug 23 and last until around Sept 10. This will be all homes south of Dakota Tiwahe Services. The same information above applies to this phase.

As these installations are being completed. We will be bringing new forms so that we can update everyone’s personal information for filing purposes. This will also give everyone a chance to change their speed packages. These are currently being developed and will be released in the coming days for community members to be aware of.

We are aware there are homes that currently don’t have DakotaNET due to old bills (2+ years ago). Please email and we can work out a very good arrangement. You can also call 204-515-1667.

We are also aware there are currently homes disconnected due to no payment recently (less than 6 months ago). Please email and we can work out a very good arrangement. You can also call 204-515-1667.

As this is a community project meant to facilitate long term possibilities, every home will be spliced with fiber whether they intend on using the service or not. Its ok if you don’t want internet, the fiber can remain dark until such a time you want to use it or a new tenant moves in and they want it. There will be an elder speed package available to those that would like it for the Wi-Fi calling features or light browsing for a single resident that isn’t using streaming services. This will be at a very reasonable price.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at or you can call our help desk at 204-515-1667. My work phone is also available Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30 204-573-8557.

I look forward to the completion of this project and would love to receive community feedback.


Gerald Thunderbird-Sky

IT Manager