SVDN’s Entrepreneurial Afternoon (2017.08.23)

On August 23, 2017, Sioux Valley Dakota Nation held an “Entrepreneurial Afternoon” for the youth of the community. Sioux Valley was proud to welcome Colin Corneau, a freelance photographer with years of experience as a photographer, but new to the entrepreneurial experience himself. Owners of Chez Angela Bakery and Café, Angela and James Chambers, were the second set of speakers to address the youth. Rounding off the afternoon was Bryan Podworney, owner of Expressions Entertainment and our senior veteran as a business owner.

With each talk, there was an obvious theme developing with each story; Hard Work and Determination. Our speakers told of their hardships with setting up and maintaining a business from the finances involved, to the difficulty of finding balance between work and family. Throughout the afternoon, speakers managed to cover a broad range of topics such as finances, passion, technology, marketing, patience, social interaction, timing, and education.

Sioux Valley is truly grateful to these individuals who were willing to take the time to come out and speak to our youth. We hope to hold more events such as this in the future to demonstrate to our youth all that is possible in their futures.