Community Notice- Dakota Original Land Allocation Study Project (2020.06.30)

The Sioux Valley Dakota Nation (SVDN) is undertaking an original land allocation study as it related to the description of SVDN traditional territory and restrictions to economic participation as a result of the Indian Act’s discriminatory policies on the historical collective rights of SVDN and its citizens. SVDN recognizes that the imposition of legislation stemming from the Indian Act resulted in impaired economic participation throughout the SVDN traditional territory. 

As part of this study SVDN needs to identify all relevant documentation, information, reports etc. to support the project scope and research. The SVDN requires the assistance of its membership to share any information pertaining to lands and traditional territories with the Self-Government Office (contact information below). This success of this study will rely on the volume of research received and any information shared whether through oral history, stories, traditional land use areas (then and now), memories of the Indian Agent(s), life before the Indian Act, and the original people and families will result in a more thorough process. 

The SVDN is also seeking interested individuals who are willing to share the knowledge noted above and of lands and traditional territories to be interviewed for this project. 

The timeframe for interviews will be July 13-31st, to be conducted at the Self-Government Office. The project anticipates 30 individuals from the SVDN to be interviewed during this timeframe. The office will undertake health and safety protocols during this time of COVID-19 to ensure a proper public health process. 

Interested individuals are requested to submit their names to the Self-Government Office by calling the office at (204) 855-2760 or emailing at the due date for potential names is by June 30, 2020 to prepare for an interview schedule.