Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Road Naming Project (2020.12.08)

Sioux Valley Dakota Nation will name 68 roads and install signs by spring or summer 2021 and we are looking for suggestions from community members! Naming the roads will help people, including emergency services and service providers navigate the community. Street and road names are also a creative way to convey our history, language, and identity as a community. How we choose to name the roads will have a lasting impression on our visitors and youth so let’s keep it positive.

Chief and Council encourage community members to submit road names in the Dakota language. If you decide to use the Dakota language, please do not use special characters or names that are too long. Road names containing profanity or explicit language will not be considered.

Each of the 68 roads to be named have been assigned a number, for example, Road 002 appears as R002 on the map. The map will soon be available to view on the website and social media pages.

With the holiday season coming up this is a good conversation starter to reach out to your neighbours and relatives (safely and socially distanced!) to start coming up with naming ideas!

How to submit your ideas:

1) Email: Please answer the questions below and send in an email to
2) Inperson drop-off: Cut and fill out the form below and a drop-off box will be at the Self-Government Office after the holidays (January 4, 2020). Please submit your ideas by email until then. The form is available in the PDF file below.