SVDN Education Community Notice (2020.12.09)

Attention All Students, Parents, and Guardians;

On Friday, December 11th, homework package #4 (Kindergarten to Grade 12) will be delivered. Delivery will start in the morning around 10 AM. Please ensure someone is home and able to receive this package. These homework packages also contain each student’s report card. Please contact the teacher(s) to discuss current marks/assessments in their courses. 

There will be a homework box available with the bus to send completed homework back to the teachers. Please have this ready before the bus arrives. Again, it is vital that all completed homework be sent back to the school for marking. High school students must complete the assignments/tests/etc in their courses to earn the course credit. Without these assessments, the students will have to repeat the course. For elementary and middle years students, completion of course work is required to achieve success in school. Without these assessments, students will get behind and may struggle with catching up to their classmates for the remainder of the school year. 

Please keep dogs tied up or come out and meet the bus.